Wednesday, January 8, 2014

TOURING NOW: Quilting Isn't Funny by Megan Dougherty

Do you know during that first conversation when you met a kindred spirit?
I stumbled into finding Megan Dougherty’s blog quite innocently –
I ignored all the warnings so prominently displayed…
for I thought I had heard it all…
Wrong!!! As always there was some controversial topic that had the world of quilting turning up burners with their ‘kerfuffles’ (Megan’s word), and I had been sent to the Bitchy Stitcher, to read all about it by a mutual friend….

Her wonderful plan-- not linking to those embroiled quilty blogs because it would just encourage them…

I knew I was in a zaney-wonderful-zone, and one I would never want to leave.

Megan tells it like it is with intelligence and humor that should not be missed out on her Bitchy Stitcher blog.

Since reading and chuckling that day over the current ‘quilty kerfuffles’ probably back in 2009 I have enjoyed reading Megan’s words, and feel lucky to have met her in person – got to hang out – and even go off exploring some very interest stores while in Houston.

Now, I am totally excited to be a stop on the blog tour to introduce Megan’s new book….

Quilting Isn’t Funny

Megan, always up to a challenge, compiled an incredible self-published book of her creative & inspiring words. Totally not inspiring in a pull the fabric out way, but in a laugh out loud ‘til it hurts kind of way. She recognizes the crazy in all of us and never lets us live any of it down.

I encourage you to click on over – check out Megan’s blog & purchase a signed copy of her new book…

Then, when you have to a few minutes to kick back and laugh loudly,
ignore all the warnings, and dive in head first! You’ll enjoy every word!

As part of the tour, I can give one of a copy of Megan’s book to one lucky reader….will it be YOU?!?

Since we’ve just kicked off the new year –
choose one ‘resolution’ or ‘revolution’
leave your 1 word comment here to be entered.
get an extra chance by sharing why.

I’ll be picking a winner on Sunday!

The blog tour is in its final round, but you’ll find a list of all the participants below – click through and check these sites out too to meet some of Megan’s fans & friends.

Dec. 2 - Maddie Kertay  - Bad Ass Quilter’s Society

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Dec. 4 - Carla Crim – Scientific Seamstress

Dec. 5 - Scarlett Burroughs – Craft Gossip

Dec. 6 – Jill Dorsey – That Moxie Girl
Dec. 9 - Victoria Findlay Wolfe – Bumble Beans Inc
Dec. 10 - Lynn Harris - Little Red Hen

Dec. 11 – Teresa Coates – Crinkle Dreams

Dec. 12 - Joshua Helms - Molli Sparkles

Dec 13 - Liz Kettle – Stitch Journeys

Dec. 14 - Leah Day – The Free Motion Quilting Project

Dec 16 - Lisa Sipes – That Crazy Quilty Girl
Dec. 17 - Charlotte Newland – Displacement Activity

Dec. 18 - Teri Lucas - TerifiCreations

Dec. 19 – Cheryl Sloboda –

Dec. 20 – Kelly Biscopink – Stitchy Quilt Stuff

Jan. 6 – Generation Q

Jan. 8 – Rose Hughes – Rose Hughes – Quilt Artist

Jan. 9 – Janice Ryan – Better Off Thread

Jan. 10 - Flaun Cline – I Plead Quilty

Jan. 13 – Heather Jones – Olive and Ollie

Jan. 14 – Meg Hilko – Without A Stitch On


  1. I need to be PRESENT for my children. Put down the phone, laptop and fabric and spend quality time with my kids.

  2. 2013 was quite the year for my family. And I have had ENOUGH, and glad that it is over!

  3. Life is short. I'm going to find joy in the moment and ENJOY life.

  4. I want to inspire my young granddaughter to learn to sew by finding age appropriate items for her to make for herself.

  5. I want to explore the possibilities that will exist if I back out of some of my volunteer responsibilities and find time to create. It's time.

  6. Enough! I need to stop buying fabric!

  7. I resolve to organize and declutter.

  8. I want to be brave and try things even if I know I might fail.

  9. Create ~~ I want to create new things to keep me inspired

  10. Happy that I was able to ring in the new year. Was diagnosed with lung cancer and kicked its butt. Bring on 2014. We got this covered.

  11. Dare to be different! Hope to try something really challenging to test my skills!

  12. Give back as much as I was given over the last year!

  13. P.s. the thimble bird is my absolute fav pic of Megan lmaooooo

  14. Reassess. Why? empty nest, finished up a long-time volunteer leadership responsibility, having one of those decade birthdays this year...

  15. I have good plans, and good ideas, and I write them down. But I rarely follow through and ACT on them. Trying to improve that this year.

  16. I chose relearn as this year I want to relearn how to use each ruler I have bought (or maybe even learn for the first time) and relearn all the extras on my sewing machine.

  17. Do as I please, use my instincts and complete my project, Do stop trying to ruin all my great fabric with my FMQ . Do binding as I do. Do cut that fabric I have had for 3 years. Do sew for myself. Do play. Do push myself to do all the above.Do stop drinking while planning a project...

  18. My word (resolution) (revelation) is FAITH! My 26yr old daughter was diagnosed with colon cancer on 12/20 and I am living on FAITH that surgery will be all that is needed... FAITH that she will be healed and whole again.

  19. Megan is hilarious. I would love to win a copy of her book. Thanks Cindy

  20. I am determined to NOT buy any fabric this year. My goal is to work down this stash of fabric I already have. The one exception would be small bits or pieces to complete something already present or a custom quilt order.

  21. what a fun few days hearing from all of you -- thanks ever so much for sharing your word for the year and also some of your plans to make it all happen in 2014....
    I will be contacting her and getting her info for Megan.
    Remember all...laughter is the best medicine, so bring more of it into your new year & every year.