Thursday, March 3, 2016

Come Along for the Ride?

In my last post I shared with you how a few of the 5-minute drawings from last year's challenge truly came in quite handy for ideas on quilts.

I have finished the one based on the flowers, and though I would love to share it; it will have to remain hidden until Quilt Market in May.

The other, that I am now calling Crossing the Ohio is coming together quite nicely -- and the updated picture here show it today as it is being couched.
The Facebook group that came together for the daily 5-minute drawing kept coming to mind while working on these projects. These drawings based on a word of the day are really valuable, so I decided to re-open the group, and take it to the next level, making words available everyday.
To do this I came up with a years worth of words, changed the name of the group on FB to Daily Creativity - 5 Minute Word Source, so starting this coming Sunday there will be posting a week of words at a time.

The Plan:

Words will be posted a week at a time.
You then can jump back in-5 minutes a day drawings.
Posting/sharing your drawings and even bigger projects that they may inspire is highly encouraged.

Afterall -- it is only 5 minutes a day, AND
In 5 minutes a day you can:
improve your drawing skills
loosen up-get your mind open for the day
increase your creativity
get your imagination stirring
and, possibly produce new concepts
Here's how it works..
Each week (Sunday) there will be a new WORDs posted on our FaceBook Group page.
That’s your queue to grab your sketchbook or some paper & a pencil.
1. Then draw anything/ everything that comes to mind when you think about the WORD.
2. STOP at 5 minutes.
3. (optional but highly desired) Snap a picture of your drawing and post it to our group page here on Facebook.

Join Us!

ps -- don't forget that my on-line workshop
abric'ating Embellishments starts tomorrow...

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